About Us

On January 8th, 2009 at 11AM Pacific Time, Palm instantly became the conceptual market leader in the mobile industry when they announced the first ever phone based on WebOS… the Palm Pre. As tech enthusiasts of all kinds flooded the search engines scouring the web for more information, we came to a realization… there WAS no good source for Palm enthusiasts to gather, learn and share information about Palm WebOS and the Pre. And PalmWebOS.org started that very same day to fulfill that exact need.

PalmWebOS.org is an independent and unofficial community of Palm enthusiasts eager to get the latest news and rumors about WebOS phones, applications, accessories and much, much more. WebOS is an incredibly powerful mobile operating system unlike any other on the planet and we want to help eachother get the most out of our WebOS phones. Not to mention, we just love Palm and crave every morsel of new information we can find!

While the Palm WebOS Forum has a special area exclusively for Palm Pre discussion, we recognize that Palm WebOS is about much, MUCH more than just the Palm Pre. There will be many more phones based on Palm WebOS and our goal is to create a growing community that is constantly on the leading edge of the latest WebOS devices, applications, updates and everything else.

We hope you find the website useful, informative, entertaining and fun. We’ll continue to grow as a community, constantly looking for ways we can meet the needs of WebOS fans around the world. Again, PalmWebOS.org is an independent and unofficial resource that very much subscribes to the “For us, By us”. This website is yours, too… so make yourself at home.