How to get AT&T HSPA+ on your Pre 3

by Joe Fedewa on December 28th, 2011

The Pre 3 is the unicorn of the smartphone world. It was shown off by HP with much fanfare, but then never actually came to market in the U.S. It’s a shame, too, because the Pre 3 is what the Pre should have been all along. Well if you’ve managed to get your hands on one and you put your AT&T sim card in you might have noticed less than stellar data speeds. You can fix that with a simple call to AT&T to get HSPA+ speeds.

All you will need is your IMEI which can be found on the box of the phone or in the Device Info on the phone. Once you got that just call up AT&T and tell them you have a Pre 3 which is an unreleased AT&T 4G phone, and they’ll add your device to the list. Just be persistent that you have a 4G device and they should hook you up.

[via WebOS Nation]

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