HP open sourcing WebOS, Done With Phones, May Build Tablets

by Joe Fedewa on December 12th, 2011

HP has thought long and hard about the future of WebOS. After months of debate Meg Whitman and company have finally decided on a solution. That solution is open source. HP has announced that they will be open sourcing WebOS, and they plan on being an “active participant and investor in the project.” This is basically HP putting the future of WebOS in developers hands. Most people considered WebOS to be dead, so this move is almost a┬áresurrection.

As far as hardware goes HP is not out of the game…totally. Meg Whitman does not believe HP will be in the smartphone business again, which probably means we won’t be seeing any devices named “Pre” anymore. However she did say HP will be in the tablet business again. She does not know if said tablets will arrive in 2012 or not. This is probably the best news that could have come from the whole situation. A lot of people expected HP to shelve WebOS and for it to be forgotten, but this breathes life into the OS. Now we could potentially see an HTC phone with WebOS, or a Samsung tablet, etc. WebOS is not dead!

[via The Verge]

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  1. 1. Adams wrote on December 26, 2011

    Great! simbian dead, win is not user friendly, android is big brother (adertising fear), maybe webos from clever company PALM is way for really OPEN opensource.

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