Pre spotted in FlashForward and Lie to Me

by Shawn Brown on October 24th, 2009

The Palm Pre is getting a lot of face time on primetime television and I mean a lot. I don’t believe that I have seen any one phone so many times on so many shows at once in the past. The latest shows to have a Pre appearance include FlashForward and Lie to Me.


Now I personally do not watch either of these shows but to me it seems a bit odd but the entire FBI Los Angeles Field Office in FlashForward has been issued a Palm Pre. Forgive me for thinking that it’s a bit wack but I just don’t see the Pre of all phones being the phone of choice for the FBI but hey if the price is right the sky is the limit.

In Lie to Me Dr. Cal Lightman has a Pre while running around in Mexico. Who knows if this had any thought behind it or not. We are sure there are other sightings in shows that have not yet been picked up again. Keep an eye out!

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