Verizon confirms Pre for early next year

by Shawn Brown on October 20th, 2009

There have been numerous rumors flying around for the last couple months stating first that Verizon will be getting the Pre in February, then that they would not be getting it at all and finally that Verizon will have an updated version of the Pre. Now we have some solid evidence to crush some of the said rumors.


If you take a look at the Official Verizon Wireless Twitter account you’ll notice that they have confirmed the Pre for early 2010 with the post “We will be carrying the Palm Pre smartphone early next year.” If this is not enough proof we certainly don’t know what is.

Putting the Pre on the Verizon Wireless network will open the webOS platform to so many more people and at this point in the early stages it is important to expose it as much as possible to help generate excitement and familiarity as it grows. Those who have the Pre know that it’s a very different experience from the other mobile operating systems on the market today.

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