Palm shows developers two new pieces to the webOS platform

by Shawn Brown on October 6th, 2009

Palm got a chance today to show webOS developers two important new pieces of the future of the webOS platform. The developers program will be officially open sometime in December providing developers with flexible ways to not only distribute but also promote their applications in ways best suited for them.


The developers program allows for both free and paid apps through the App Catalog. Developers now have a self-certification option that allows them to reach customers directly by distributing app through existing web channels. Open source developers get a break using this method as Palm waves the $99 program fee for them as a way of “thanking” the open source community for its support.

The other piece we briefly spoke about is the addition of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 designed to be well integrated with webOS offering developers use of the accelerometer and multi-touch support. We are really excited to see Fash-based apps make their way to the webOS platform in the future.

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