Pre takes #1 spot on Amazon’s best selling smartphone list

by Shawn Brown on October 2nd, 2009

Amazon dropping the price on the Pre has really hit the spot for those who have not yet jumped on the webOS train. Right now the Pre has risen to the number one spot on the Amazon bestselling smartphone list.


Currently the website is saying that the Pre will be in stock on October 9th so we gather that either Palm is having a shortage of handsets for them or that the deal is so good that they have completely sold out of it all together. Our vote is the selling out because making the number one spot on the best selling list would mean they are pushing quite a large number of units. If you still haven’t gotten the Pre we suggest you put your order in before it gets pushed back some more. If $99 is still a bit much you can wait and get the Walmart bundle for $79.

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