Palm Pre with Sprint saves you hundreds over 2 years

by Shawn Brown on September 28th, 2009

Spring has slowly but surely made efforts to clean up their billing and end cost to the customer problems. This is shown in a recent article published by PC World showing the true cost of smartphones on the largest carriers in the US.


The comparison is made on the offered unlimited plans because other plans vary so widely on what is offered and cannot be rated in that way. Phones that were considerately more expensive include AT&T with the iPhone 3GS 16GB and Verizon Wireless with the BlackBerry Storm. On the bottom by a considerably large amount is Sprint with the Palm Pre.

I personally dropped the iPhone for an endless amount of reasons one of which being the extreme price for fewer abilities and went with the Pre because it had plenty more to offer. Many people ask me is it really any cheaper? Next time I have this conversation I will be able to bust out the chart and show them the iPhone 3GS has a starting cost before taxes of $235.99 with a monthly bill of $149.99 bringing it to $3835.75 over two year contract and the Pre costs $235.99 with a monthly bill of $99.99 and a total true cost of $2635.75 over two years. Now if that $1200 per contract isn’t enough to convince anyone I don’t know what is.

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