Developer Relations Team Gets Two Additions

by on September 28th, 2009

It looks like Palm is ready to take the WebOS App Catalog to the next level but to do that, it needs help from developers. So what else to announce than 2 new hires to the Developer Relations team?

Now that our exciting Web-based platform, Palm webOS, is ready for developers, the time was right to ramp up our Developer Relations team, to ensure the best possible developer experience. When we sat down to think about the type of person that needed to lead this team, two things were clear: we needed real developers at the helm, and they needed to be developers with a deep understanding of the Web environment.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that we have found two rare individuals to help us lead this charge. As of today, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer are joining Palm to run the Developer Relations group. These guys have been in the community forever. They founded, a great community built around leading-edge Web development. More recently, they worked together at Mozilla to create some revolutionary forward-looking developer tools, such as Bespin, an innovative Web-based coding environment.

mascot2I found it very interesting that rather than hire 2 separate candidates with different skills, they chose to select an already assembled duo who have proven success working together. Hopefully this contributes to they “synergy” that Palm is seeking. They each made their own announcements on their personal blogs: read what Dion and Ben say about their new positions if you like or check out their twitter pages (@bgalbs, @dalmaer). The announcement was made by Katie Mitic who is herself new to the Palm team!

Welcome and good luck!

PS: I have no clue what that stick man has to do with this article.

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