Verizon passes on the Pre, Palm may be in trouble

by Shawn Brown on September 25th, 2009

We all know that Verizon Wireless is seemingly loosing on all fronts these days. They have gone from having quite a collection of cool phones to nothing really notable at all. They missed out on the iPhone, have no Android-powered handsets to speak of and now are turning away the Pre. One might ask what is Verizon thinking?


Verizon does not like the sales number for the Pre for one. On Verizon’s end we know they are going to make what will more than likely be a failed attempt to launch a ridiculously overestimated plan to have their own app store. This will greatly conflict with not only the Pre but all webOS devices and of course the iPhone. At this point how will Verizon’s app store be better than any Android, iPhone or webOS app store? How can Verizon survive with the policy that they will only have their app store on future phones?

Having the Pre or even the iPhone seems to go against Verizon’s unspoken business model of having cheap crap phones with “medium-sized services”.  Only time will tell with Palm, nobody knows where they will go next or if Verizon will eventually give in to a webOS-powered device in the future.

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