AccuRadio Is Music To Your Pre-Loving Ears

by on September 18th, 2009

A bunch of new applications have landed on WebOS App Catalog and we just got a dandy little press release from one of them – AccuRadio. The company dubs themselves “The Next Generation Of Radio” and give some glowing reasons why those chose WebOS as their first platform – do you think Palm paid them to do it?

accuradioI also find it a little funny they quote individual comments from the App Catalog but the jury is out and the apps overall rating should speak volumes to its success/failures. So far so good.

Here is the full Press Release:


For immediate release:
Thursday 9/17/09 7EDT

CHICAGO — The Palm Pre’s “App Catalog” got hotter this week as popular multichannel webcaster AccuRadio. launched its first-ever custom-designed mobile streaming radio application, garnering such rave user reviews that it is currently ranked as one of only five 4-1/2 star-rated applications in the entire Palm Pre app catalog.

AccuRadio for the Palm Pre (and its webOS operating system) offers a wider and deeper selection of musical genres than any other webcaster on any other platform. The diverse AccuRadio programming options include over 50 channels of jazz, 45 of classical music, 35 of Broadway, 30 of indie rock, 25 channels of country, 25 of pop standards, 10 of world music, and multiple channels of reggae, Celtic, classic hip-hop, French pop, and much more.

“We chose Palm Pre for our first internally-developed custom mobile app because Palm’s innovative webOS operating system is cutting-edge, well-crafted and has received numerous glowing reviews,” noted AccuRadio Founder and CEO Kurt Hanson. “It is a perfect platform for the AccuRadio model, which allows users to instantly launch any of its hundreds of professionally-programmed channels with the option to then customize it to their personal tastes.”

“Wrapped in an elegant, easy-to-use interface, the reviews and comments about the AccuRadio mobile download for the Palm Pre have been overwhelmingly positive,” observed AccuRadio VP/Programming Paul Maloney.

“The promise of more great phones, like the recently-announced Pixi, only add to webOS’ appeal,” said AccuRadio VP/Technology Ralph Sledge, who led the development project for AccuRadio.

User reviews and comments include:

— “This is a must-have for any Pre…better than XM. The selection of music is fantastic and there is something for everyone.”

— “Awesome app! By far the best app on the Pre so far for music lovers”

— “I love the UI and color schemes. Easy to use, lots of choices. The descriptions for the various ‘80s channels cracked me up. Great app!”

(See attached Word document for numerous additional quotes)

Other digital music options are wonderful if you want to build a channel from scratch,” observed AccuRadio’s Maloney. “What Palm Pre users seem to be saying that they like about AccuRadio is that you can launch any of hundreds of great-sounding, personalizable stations almost instantly.”

About AccuRadio:

  • AccuRadio, “The Next Generation of Radio,” is a multichannel Internet radio station with over 450 channels of diverse programming choices. It is the first multichannel Internet radio station designed specifically for adults with sophisticated musical tastes, reaching over 400,000 unique listeners per month.
  • AccuRadio is one of only four major webcasters with significant personalization options for users (the others being Pandora,, and Slacker), and the only one of the four that’s an entrepreneurially-based start-up.

About the Palm Pre and WebOS:

  • First unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January, the Palm Pre has received rave reviews from both the analyst and online communities by marrying slick touchscreen capabilities with a physical QWERTY keyboard.
  • The Pre is also the first Palm device to feature the company’s new “webOS” operating system, which, unlike an iPhone, allows users to run multiple applications at the same time, allowing users to listen to listen to Internet radio simultaneously while using other apps.
  • According to Sprint, the Pre set company records for first-day and first-weekend sales. Analysts estimate consumers had snapped up more than 500,000 units by mid-August. Sales of the Pre are already on pace to pass those of the company’s Centro device, which sold more than three million units and has been its most successful smart phone to date, according to Stephane Maes, Palm’s VP of smartphone product management.

For more information check out the AccuRadio website.


  1. 1. Victor wrote on September 20, 2009

    Accuradio rocks! I realize it streams only at 32k but whatever! I’ve started listening to it far more often than Pandora now (no offense to Pandora). Great interface, great genre selection, great music!

  2. 2. Jeremy wrote on September 20, 2009

    I’m loving this app. I haven’t been this happy since I got my first computer. I really can’t wait to see what suprises
    Palm Pre has to offer up around the bend. When flash comes out in October this phone will be unstoppable! If you are a music fan then this is a must have! I’m loving my phone thank you Palm and keep up the good work! FU! iphone your just jealous! HA HA HA HA HA HA this phone F-ing rulez!

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