App Catalog purchase coming the 24th?

by Shawn Brown on September 15th, 2009

findapps_2009-13-09_133816A tipster has come out and told PreCentral that he new App Catalog will be coming September 24th. We cannot speak for the credibility of this anonymous source but you can’t keep that date out of people’s mouths today so it may just be a safe bet.

Reportedly users will be able to set up an account with Palm and make purchases directly from the App Catalog. This method would keep the service providers where they should be, completely out off the App Catalog altogether.

Also rumored is the DocsToGo app will be getting full document editing on the 24th as well as the webOS 1.2 release so let’s all hope that the 24th is a good day for all of us Pre owners. Heard anything different, let us know in the comments.

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