Turn your Pre into a WiFi hotspot with My Tether

by Shawn Brown on August 3rd, 2009

If you own a Palm Pre then I am sure you are well aware of the fact that it does not currently allow tethering (the sharing of your internet connection with a computer), not out of the box anyway. Luckily for those of us who would like to add functionality to our devices we have a nice little homebrew movement going for the Pre.


Sprint is not going to be too thrilled with the fact that My Tether allows you to suck up bandwidth at no additional cost. With My tether you can turn your Pre into a wired USB or wireless Bluetooth modem for your computer wherever you go. You can even set WEP encryption over WiFi among other things such as disabling the Pre’s sleep mode which shuts off data connections.

As with just about all homebrew on mobile handsets you’re going to need to root you Pre, a task that not everyone in the world can do easily. Just remember not to go crazy with data usage as Sprint will be able to cap and or completely cut you off due to an abnormally high amount of bandwidth usage.


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  3. 3. Gamefreak13 wrote on September 5, 2010

    if you have unlimted plan (unlimited internet unlimited text unlimited picture mailunlimited calling) and use this pre hack will there be a major bill?

  4. 4. monty wrote on October 6, 2010

    I’ve loaded the my tether app and now I do not have internet connection on my pre nor is the aonet being seen. What should I do?

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