Palm App catalog hits 1.8 million downloads with only 30 apps

by Shawn Brown on July 17th, 2009


We all wish the App Catalog would have more than just 30 apps in it but that sure doesn’t slow down the numbers that Palm is seeing from it. Currently, in only 6 weeks the App Catalog has reached 1.8 million downloads which is impressive for just a few applications.

Palm’s overall direction with the App Catalog as far as quality vs. quantity may eventually bring a lot of iPhone owners over as many of the App Store apps are simply cheap copies of each other. A report actually surfaced this week claiming that the vast majority of the apps in the App Store are template-based bulk apps, something Palm would never allow.

Only time will tell at this point but we sure cannot wait till the fall when Palm opens the floodgates and we have a large influx of applications to play around with. Perhaps that will cause a large spike in the demand for the Palm Pre.

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