Palm Pre hitting Bell Canada by end of the month?

by Shawn Brown on July 7th, 2009

Here we go feeding the rumor mill again, this time with word that Bell Canada will be launching the Palm Pre by the end of July. Apparently a Bell Canada online customer service representative is the one who may have made a little slip up but then again this could all be a fabrication to drive traffic.


This looks very doubtful given the knowledge of the customer service reps as well as the need they have to make the customer happy. The Bell Canada rep was quoted as saying:

We do not have an exact date. We will receive it shortly.
It will be released within this month for sure.

Of course there is no exact date and the price, as well as plans are still unknown. Maybe the CSR is just hoping that they will get the Pre before Europe. Sprint doesn’t have much more to offer and we all know the employees get a monthly discount. One thing is for sure, this CSR did their job and sent the customer away happy.

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