Doom On The Palm Pre (VIDEO)!!!

by on June 12th, 2009

You were probably wondering what type of goodies would result – if any – from the WebOS root image being leaked yesterday. Well one of the first exciting hackeries was done by a kid named Sargund who used an open source version of Doom, called PrBoom, and warns “it is through directfb so the performance isn’t great” – looks pretty good to me!

Here is is explained by Sargund himself:

Doom hack. I’ve gotten PRDoom running on the device. PRDoom is an open source doom clone that uses SDL for its rendering backend. The Palm Pre’s GUI, Luna, utilizes a framebuffer. The SDL backend we used was directfb.

The Palm Pre’s rootfs, based on openembedded, had directfb, but the openembedded repositories did not have any versions of SDL which linked against the directfb provided by palm. The other option was to use fbdev, but I couldn’t get it working, so I moved on quickly. In order to control the rootfs, and libraries, I built a debian rootfs using debootstrap, and was able to install many components not available via ipkg.
Getting directfb working was actually fairly trivial, because palm uses it for their testing. The /etc/event.d/LunaSysMgr file, it had the line: exec /var/mft/usr/bin/ted -m –dfb:no-vt –dfb:no-cursor –dfb:bg-color=00000000 –dfb:pixelformat=ARGB. I was able to dervice the directfb options from there.

I would file this under pure awesomeness… we’ll definitely have our eyes on the lookout for more WebOS hacks courtesy of that leaked root image. It appears the fun is just beginning!

[Via Sargun’s Doom Hack]

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  1. 1. Anonymous wrote on June 14, 2009

    Now there’s a NES emulator.

    I wonder how well the controls work. Also how well running apps without jailbreaking the Pre works and if Palm plans on forcing updates on us to fix this or if it was like a little present.

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