Palm Pre TouchStone Charger Has Gecko Feet!

by on June 5th, 2009

This is pretty unbelievable… the Palm Pre Touchstone Charger Accessory has an amazing sticking ability that I haven’t ever seen before. Apparently Palm built the “sticking technology” to resemble the way gecko’s feet stick to surfaces.

For quite awhile I’ve thought the TouchStone charger is a gimmick more than a convenience, but this added gimmick on a gimmick might push me to take the leap. Now only if the back of the actual PRE had this technology!

[Via BBG]


  1. 1. dartrax wrote on June 6, 2009

    …then you would never get it out of your pocket, what’s probably not what you want – but… Wait, you could stick that pre right behind your ear, then!!

  2. 2. Shadoe Ferraro wrote on June 7, 2009

    Can you use the touchstone to sync the phone also?

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