Palm Pre: Google Search, Maps and YouTube

by on June 5th, 2009

Google might be the driving force of Android but they certainly don’t play favorites in the mobile space. Today the Official Google Mobile Blog proclaimed their excitement for the Palm Pre and announced its compatibility with Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube. They helped point out a few key places the Palm Pre utilizes Google.

Universal Search
If your query doesn’t pull up any matches as you type, WebOS will ask if you’d like to search Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia or Twitter for the word/phrase.
pre-universal-search-blu-ray-player pre-blu-ray-results

Google Maps
Crediting WebOS, Google says the Palm Pre runs Google Maps differently than Android or BlackBerry because of its WebKit-based rendering engine which made it easy to port Google Maps to the platform. My Location, local search, driving directions, traffic and other great features work quickly and flawlessly directly from your Palm Pre phone!
pre-directions-map pre-directions-list

Palm Pre YouTube Application
Built using MoJo SDK, it uses HTML, CSS and Javascript to produce an extremely sexy presentation of YouTube videos.
pre-chrome-shorts-search chrome-shorts-details

And last but not least, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and other great productivity software from Google will work and sync with the device. Google also promises further development on the Palm Pre, WebOS and the MoJo SDK so stay tuned!


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