Palm Pre Launch Guide

by on May 26th, 2009

Right now you are sitting there idle, staring at the wall waiting for June 6th to arrive. If you were a Sprint employee though, you might be sitting there staring at the Palm Pre Launch Guide you were supposed to know front and back by the time June 6th came along:


Engadget got their hands on the entire document which you can view page-by-page here. Or you can take our word for it as we summarize the most exciting parts. But since you’ve got plenty of hours between now and June 6th, you’ll probably end up doing both:

  • There are 6 Accessories for the Palm Pre: Touchstone Charger, Vehicle Power Charger, Premium Holster, Travel Charger, Leather Pouch and Phone Covers
  • “We can’t afford to sell the Pre to the Wrong Customers” – Sprint is pushing IT Centric business users towards the Palm Treo Pro (WTF?)
  • Palm Pre cannot be repaired due to the form factor. Something wrong? You’ll get a replacement phone.
  • Pre-orders start this week
  • Palm Profile required
  • GPS requires agreeing to Google TOS
  • Exchange ActiveSync allows multiple accounts
  • You can remotely wipe your entire phone from your Palm Profile should you lose your phone and be concerned about someone acquiring sensitive data

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