Howard Stern Chooses BlackBerry Bold Over Palm Pre

by on April 6th, 2009

howard_stern_blackberry_boldUPDATE: See Lynn Fox’s comment regarding Howard Stern’s selection of the BlackBerry Bold, correcting some inaccuracies published in the original article (below).

Howard Stern’s much anticipated first hand look at the Palm Pre has been buzzing around the web for the last week. The shock jock, who has a well-aged Treo and was trying to decide between the Pre, BlackBerry or iPhone, was getting a closer look at the device than the vast majority of tech media folks. Palm’s PR attempt has backfired mightily as Howard Stern has chosen the BlackBerry Bold instead of the Palm Pre… OUCH!

The experiment was supposed to go like this: they bring the Pre to Stern’s house, give him a demo and some tutorials, allow him to try it for himself and walk away with a celebrity endorsement sure to help drive the continued buzz. But the long-time Palm customer chose BlackBerry instead. Why? Because the Pre couldn’t connect to Lotus Notes.

What started as viral word of mouth marketing for Palm is turning out to be a real life case study in marketing that backfired. We are extremely disappointed but to be fair, who the heck chooses one device over another for Lotus Notes? Give me a break! Hopefully a Lotus Notes app comes out for the Pre, Hugh Heffner endorses it and calls Stern “an old fart” for not recognizing that Palm’s newness is far superior to BlackBerry.

I should also note that WebOS fans need not worry – this is not any indication of what is it come. Lets face it: all it takes is twenty seconds of listening to Howard Stern to realize that he is the opposite of sophistication. Your loss, Howard.

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  1. 1. Lynn Fox wrote on April 6, 2009

    Just trying to dispel some misinformation here. There was never any intention of letting Howard Stern walk away with a Pre to try for himself before picking a device. He is a long-time Palm customer who asked for a demo. He was very impressed with the Pre but ultimately chose a Blackberry because he could immediately start using it with Lotus Notes. This does not rule out Howard using a Pre when it’s available and up and running on Lotus Notes.

  2. 2. Robert wrote on June 23, 2009

    Well, the the Exchange ActiveSync support they’re adding to Notes/Domino/Traveler for iPhone use would be done generically enough, the Pre would work too, since it has EAS support. But people who have tested the Pre (and the Treos) against Lotus Greenhouse (website with the new software) find that the Lotus EAS support is not generic enough and doesn’t work with other devices. Even the Microsoft site fails on Greenhouse.

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