TealOS Get’s KO’d by Palm

by PalmWebOS.org on March 28th, 2009

tealos2Last month, a bit of Unofficial Palm OS software called TealOS allowed Palm owner’s WebOSify their existing Palm device by slapping on a $14.95 skin which helped the existing UI imitate that of WebOS. Apparently for Palm, imitation is the best form of attracting C&D letters as TealOS has announced they will be ending their entire operation on March 30th at the request of Palm.

I’m curious as to Palm’s motives here – they’ve made it very clear that Palm OS is a thing of the past and that while the phones running on Palm OS will be supported, new products and significant upgrades on those devices will cease to exist. WebOS is the future. TealOS seems nothing more than a way for current Palm users to enjoy what’s to come with WebOS before the Pre launches… and we’ve got a few months to wait.

Oh well. You’ve got a couple days to scoop up TealOS if you still want to buy it. Otherwise, you can join the rest of us in waiting for the Palm Pre to launch. It was fun while it lasted!

[Via TealTalk]

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