WebOS Netbooks?

by PalmWebOS.org on March 27th, 2009

webos-netbookPalm’s resurgence into the world of smartphone powerhouses starts, but doesn’t stop, with the Palm Pre. It might not even stop with smartphones in general. LaptopMag suggests that Palm’s spiffy new Operating System – WebOS – could very well shake up the Netbook world as well.

If you have to compare WebOS to another operating system out there, Android would likely share the most in common. While Android is carrier and manufacturer independent, one could assume that Palm will follow a microcosmic version of Android’s path. Both are based on Linux OS and look at what excitement has gathered over Android Netbooks: Google tested Android Netbooks, Freescale wants an Android Netbook, ASUS is making an Android Netbook, Acer is looking that direction and the list continues.

According to some experts, Palm WebOS won’t only follow in Android’s footsteps in terms of Netbook adoption, but it very well could become the supreme example of the entire product category. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Consumer friendly with Intuitive Navigation
  • Incredibly Slick, Gorgeous User Interface
  • Touch friendly
  • Synergy. Palm’s focus on not only including the cloud but seamlessly integrating it puts it in prime position to dominate the Netbook scene.
  • Flash works on WebOS, somewhat of a necessary component for tech loving web surfers.

It’s doubtful that WebOS Netbooks are right around the corner… Palm will likely want to push a second smartphone with alternative form factor on carriers besides Sprint before it starts diversifying it’s product lineup, but would a holiday debut of a WebOS Netbook be such a crazy thing? And remember, there is always the opportunity for a Dell, Acer, ASUS or likeminded company to license WebOS for use on its own hardware.

WebOS, ladies and gentlemen… you’ve gotta love the possibilities.

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